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Edward Sneithe

Joop van Beek,

I've been looking into how I want to store address information and it appears that if I include the address as part of place I will get an entry in places for every address, OK but very voluminous. If I use the method of putting everything into the place field then I will need to ensure that I have all the proper number of commas so that country always appear at the same number in the list. That will require a lot of corrective work.

The nice thing about FH is there are always many ways to solve a problem. In my particular instance I have found many ways to get this job done. Now I need to decide and reiterating what is in the Knowledge base I will need to be consistent.

I wonder why FH does not have an option to include the address for geocoding that we need to use a plugin and the resulting information is outside of FH.

Thank you for your suggestion. Now I need to choose.

On Sunday, August 15, 2021, 06:35:05 AM EDT, j.van.beek@... <j.van.beek@...> wrote:

I only use the Place fact (no Address) and structure it like:
1. name of the town, village etc.
2. name of the street, sublocation etc.
3. name of the country (or state, county etc. followed by name of the country between parenthesis)
4. name of the church, hospital, graveyard, building etc.

Parts 2 to 4 are optional.
The fact definition usage is: replace {place} by {=TextPart(%FACT.PLAC%, 4)} <in {=TextPart(%FACT.PLAC%, 1, 3, TIDY)}>. This can of course be modified to one's liking.
Works nicely together with the Place list in Tools/Work with Data and also with geo-coding.

Joop van Beek

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