Re: Newcomer migrating from FT11 to FH7

Lorna Craig

John, are you referring to the advice in the FHUG Knowledge Base in the section on Importing from FTM?  If so, it sounds as if you have successfully followed the guidance on exporting a suitable GEDCOM file from FTM, ending with the paragraph headed "Export Status Dialogue".

The next paragraph, headed 'Media Images', may be what is confusing you because it talks about Media attached to Citations, and how to find them.  As it says, it's easy to find them in V6 or later so that shouldn't be a problem.   Ignore that for the moment.

What you need to do is create a project in FH using the GEDCOM file you have prepared.  Open the Project Window in FH and click New Project.  Select Import a GEDCOM file and browse for your prepared file.  Keep the option to Copy any linked multimedia files into the new project folder ticked.  Then click Next.


In the FH Project Window

On 14/08/2021 19:16, johnchezstevens@... wrote:
I have previously tried exporting GEDCOM file from FTM11 to FH7 before I knew anything about errors that would occur during the importing of the GEDCOM file into FH7, and then  lost the log file containing the errors!  I have started again and been shadowing the recent advice given to other newcomers also migrating from elsewhere and have got to the point of making a new GEDCOM ready to import into FH7. The advice I am trying to follow then starts discussing the various faults that may occur on citations in terms that are new to me, and I am confused as to how to proceed at this point.   I would be gratefull for further advice please.
John Stevens

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