Re: Newcomer migrating from FT11 to FH7

Mike Tate

Hi John,

As has been suggested to others, it is often easier to discuss these issues in the FHUG Forums.

There it is easier to attach screenshots, attach snippets of GEDCOM, cross-refer to the Knowledge Base, etc.

See and sign up for free.


It helps us to help you if you can be more specific when describing your problems.

You say you are following advice, but don’t identify what advice that is and how far you have got.

You mention citation terms that are new to you, but don’t say what they are.

You know what advice you are following and the terms that confuse you, but we don’t.

Please identify the advice and the terms so we can dispel your confusion.


Be assured that many users of FH have migrated to and from FTM successfully and are happy to help.

However, FTM11 is quite old, so the migration process may not be as smooth as for later FTM versions.


Mike Tate


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