Re: Reference a section of place

Edward Sneithe


I tried the textpart but was unsuccessful. It either returned nothing or I had a syntax error and the sentence just displayed the expression. I will need to  experiment with this.

In my search from your links I did find the GetLabelledText and that may be easier to use than splitting the place field.

Sentence structure:
<Performed at {=GetLabelledText(%FACT.NOTE2%,"Church: ")} >< by the {=GetLabelledText(%FACT.NOTE2%,"Minister: ")} > <for a fee of {=GetLabelledText(%FACT.NOTE2%,"Charge: ")} >

Note field:
Minister: Rev John Smith
Charge: $200
Church: St Patricks

Resulting sentence:
 Performed at St Patricks by the Rev John Smith for a fee of $200

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