Re: Reference a section of place

Have a look at the TextPart function to include in a sentence.


However, you might also want to look at Working with Places and Addresses – Family Historian User Group (, as there are many ways of splitting Address and Place, with different pros and cons – you don’t *have* to put the church name in the place if you’re already including the full address in the place, for example (which you seem to be doing). Geocoding doesn’t take the address into account unless you  use the Map Life Facts plugin (but there are pros and cons of that approach to0.) Have a think about what’s important to you, and if you need to change anything we’ll work out what you need to do. You can even overlap information between the address field and the place field as long as you’re careful how you use each of them. You can include [[privacy markers]] in the address field to exclude them from reports etc.


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Subject: [family-historian] Reference a section of place


In my attempt to decide between a narrative report that looks like a list of events and a more prose type representation I have the following question.

In a Baptism record I must put the church name into the place field.. ( i know I could use the note field )

My place field looks like this:
St Patrick, 47 West High St, East Hampton, Connecticut

Everything work including geocoding. When constructing a sentence I was wondering if I could reference just the church name or the street address. perhaps like PLAC(1) Or should I use the place field for the actual address and the address field for the church name. Or I could make my own baptism fact as an attribute where I can have a value.

I am confused at this point so any suggestions would be appreciated

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