Re: Find references

Lorna Craig

There are several ways to find where a Source  is used:

1. If you are using FH version 7, click on the Source record in the list in the Records window to open its Property Box.  Click the cog wheel icon near the top right of the Property Box toolbar and select Show Source Record’s Citations in Results Window.   (This method is not available I earlier versions of FH).

2. You can also select the Source record and then use View>Record Links to produce a list of Records linked to that source. By selecting one from the list you can then click Go To which takes you to that record.

3.  There is a standard query called Individuals Linked to a Source.  Note that only lists Individual records, not other types of record (Family Records, Place Records etc) which might also be linked to the Source.

4.  There are two suitable plugins:  List All Citations for a Selected Source and Where Used Record Links. (The latter can be used for any record types, not just Sources).


On 25/07/2021 12:27, Michael Williamson wrote:
Many thanks for your help. I have a similar issue with a source. In the list of sources it says TITLE. I'd like to track down where it is used and fix it. In fact I should like to track down other sources to find out where they are used. You have explained how to do it with Places but the equivalent facility doesn't seem to apply to sources.

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