Re: Find references

Lorna Craig

Use Tools > Work with Data > Places, select the Place from the list and then click Where Used on the right.  The Results Set will display all the uses of that place.   If you click on a record in the first column it will open the Property Box for that record.  Even better, if you double-click on a date in the second column the exact fact will be pre-selected in the Property Box.


On 24/07/2021 17:37, Michael Williamson wrote:
I am sure this is a very simple question and has probably been answered before.
I am trying to find out which individuals reference a particular place to go back and correct the entry. At some point I entered spurious information in the place field for some individuals so want to go back to the individual and correct the data. For example I have a place called 'Buried in Bretton and Broughton' so want to find the individual(s) who reference that place and sort out my error.

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