Re: "In Will" Fact

Lorna Craig

An alternative is to create a more general 'Alive at' fact.  This can be used when you have any kind of evidence that someone was still alive at a certain date, for example if they were a witness at a marriage, or if they were the informant who registered another person's death, or were mentioned in a newspaper article.   You can cite the will/ marriage certificate/ death certificate/ newspaper article as the source, and add any further explanation in the note field for the fact.

Sometimes I simply record that a person died "after" a certain date at which I know they were alive.


On 21/07/2021 22:10, Chris Wake wrote:


    I have several old wills from the 16th/17th century which have proved useful in discovering children and daughter’s married names. They also show if a spouse / child is still alive having previously only been identified by a baptism in a Parish Register many years ago. I am thinking of creating an “In Will” fact recording the testator and date of will for each person in each will to show they are alive at the date the will was written. Have other FH users used a different method to record this information bearing in mind that not all names mentioned in Wills at that time are Executors or beneficiaries.




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