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Karin Schuette Weiss

Mike - Thank you again for all your help.

Yes - I would like to change the Name: 1850 Federal Census to Name: Census 1850.
At this time that is the only Fact on my Fast Add Menu that is out of an order
that makes sense to me.

I have also read through your instructions for making that change and think
I have a good grasp of what you are saying.  Changing that one name would make
things perfect.  My plan going forward is to print your instructions and give it a
try one day soon.  If that works - and I expect it will - I will be happy with how
Fast Add sorts itself and should not need to try your second step.

A side note - all my census events are in the Custom Fact Set.  I did once read
through some stuff about Fact Sets and could not make sense of it. I'm thinking
I should give that a try again.  In other words - I understand nothing about Fact
Sets.  I came to FH from TMG and I have two conclusions - FH is an excellent, very
powerful program which I love but only grasp small parts of AND much of the
terminology is worlds different from what I had come to understand using TMG.
So it has been a slow, but very satisfying, learning curve.

Karin Schuette Weiss

On 7/20/2021 1:14 PM, Mike Tate wrote:
OK Karen, there are several issues involved there.

The Name: 'Census 1880' or '1850 Federal Census' defines the fundamental GEDCOM coding for those facts, which is why the Name field cannot be edited.
If you could change it then the GEDCOM codes would no longer be recognisable.

I presume you want to change the Name: '1850 Federal Census' to Name: 'Census 1850' is that correct?
You can define a new Name: 'Census 1850' event and use the Change Any Fact Tag plugin to change all '1850 Federal Census' events to 'Census 1850' events.
Then delete the redundant '1850 Federal Census' event definition and give the 'Census 1850' event definition the Label: '1850 Federal Census'.
Would that make all your Federal Census events consistent?

You should perform the above correction before adjusting the Fast Add Menu sort order below.

To alter the order of custom facts on the Fast Add Menu this is what you do, but with FH itself closed.
I assume all your Census events are in the 'Census' Fact Set. (If not then substitute its name in place of Census.fhf below.)

Use Windows File Explorer to locate C:\ProgramData\Calico Pie\Family Historian\Fact Types\Custom\Census.fhf
I suggest you copy that Census.fhf file to somewhere such as your Desktop, just in case things go awry, so it can be copied back.

Open the original Census.fhf file in a plain text editor such as Notepad. Do NOT use a word-processor.
At the top, it should look something like below where EVEN-CENSUS_1860, etc, represent the GEDCOM codes:
All you need to do is edit those Item numbers so they define the required sorted order.
Finally, use File > Save to save the edited file.

Let me know how you get on.

Mike Tate

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