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Mike Tate,

  I like “lateral thinking”. We called them “work arounds” which suggests a weakness in the programming. Lateral thinking suggests the user needs to be flexible, which they\I do.

  I seen “99” in the documentation. I was going to use some lateral thinking on that one. I haven’t been with FH long enough to be able to tell the difference between 6 and 7. The advantage to that is I don’t have to unlearn v6 idiosyncracies.

  I am a proponent of ticketing systems so I guess I should follow my own advice. Ticket #387970 has been generated. I will check out the forums also. Part of my reluctance stems from assuming I am the problem and I need to keep looking for the button. FH is thorough, at least for the beginner. I have seen some of the high level discussions. My preferences are basic (my opinion), things I would expect an application to support so I must be the problem, right?

  I am doing my best to focus on the genealogy rather than the technical. I am doing fair. I am still finding new genealogy resources.



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It is true that sometimes a degree of lateral thinking is required with the customisations to achieve a specific effect.

In previous versions of FH the Report > Options > Format tab ‘Hdg Level 2’ Keep With Next: 99 lines would force a new page but no longer.

FH v7 needs the Above Heading Gap: 999 pt trick to force a new page.


You are not alone with the problem of keeping Source Footnote text with the associated Media image.

One option is to report it to Calico Pie via their Support Ticket system.

Alternatively, via the FHUGNew Wish List Requests’ Forum, the problem could be discussed and added to the Wish List.


Mike Tate


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