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Karin Schuette Weiss

Thanks, Mike.  I wrote what is below over an hour ago, but had
some sort of server problem, so it never would send.

Yes, leaving it (1850) where it is would not be a bad solution, but
if it is not hard to fix (now that I think I have id'ed the problem,
that would be quite okay also.  So what do you think?

Earlier email I could not send:

Okay - I think I now know what is wrong.  What I do not know
is how to fix it.
The Name and Label for all of my Federal Census facts are:
Name - Census 1880
Label 1880 Federal Census

But - I now recall - I was never able to make the 1850 Census
match.  It reads:
Name - 1850 Federal Census
Label - 1850 Federal Census
The Name entry was (and is) always grayed, so I cannot edit it.

Karin Schuette Weiss

On 7/20/2021 11:10 AM, Karin Schuette Weiss wrote:
Here is my fast add list.  S is for standard, c is for custom. All of
the census facts are family facts.  As is marriage.  The rest are
individual.  Seeing that, I already realized that the first two census
facts formerly on my fast add list (1925 and 1915 - which were in the
wrong order) were individual facts, so I have removed them from
Fast Add already.  And I did already have a 1925 State Census family
fact which falls later on the list.

Add Anecdote - C, none
Add Birth - S, birth
Add Baptism - S, shortly after birth
Add Physical Description - S, life
Add Occupation - S, life
Add 1860 Federal Census - C, life
Add 1870 Federal Census - C, life
Add 1880 Federal Census - C, life
Add 1900 Federal Census - C, life
Add 1910 Federal Census - C, life
Add 1850 Federal Census - C, life
Add 1920 Federal Census - C, life
Add 1930 Federal Census - C, life
Add 1940 Federal Census - C, life
Add 1905 State Census - C, life
Add 1925 State Census - C, life
Add Marriage - S, marriage
Add Death - S, death
Add Burial - S, post-death
Add Obituary - C, post-death

So now it looks like everything makes sense except for the
one Census entry which is out of alphanumeric order.

Thanks so much for the help,

Karin Schuette Weiss

On 7/20/2021 12:12 PM, Mike Tate wrote:
Karen, I'm glad that is sorted out (sic).
If you really want to reposition that 1850 Federal Census fact then I can explain what file to edit, but you may be happy to leave it as it is.

Bill, changing the order of items in Custom Fact Type definition files definitely affects the Fast Add Menu order.
However, I tried altering the order in the Standard Fact Type definition file, but it did not affect the Fast Add Menu.
So something else seems to be governing the order of Standard facts.
Even if it had affected the Fast Add Menu, the next time FH was installed it would revert back.

Mike Tate

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