Re: Note formatting characters

Edward Sneithe


Thanks for your response.

I've looked at where these characters originate and they come from two places. Formatted notes and citations or footnotes, etc..

In the short term (maybe long term) I can work around having formatted notes and I'm not sure if I have any control over the citations. I will need to keep my data in RM for the short term for compatibility with some other users but I will be moving data into FH using the GEDCOM interface so I can make use of the better features of FH. The control cods will not be a problem unless I am going to print something out and for those cases I can edit the GEDCOM file and eliminate those control characters before import into FH.

I think any plugins should be predicated on more than one user. I'm not sure why more people are not having this issue but for now I have a workaround.

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