Re: My proposed import from Rootsmagic to FH

Leslie P

I have had exceedingly successful conversion from RM to FH, and I absolutely included the RM Details in my export.

FH only truly tosses out a very small amount of information, and it tells you about that in the log file. In my testing, the only thing actually thrown out was, as you indicate, fact witnesses that weren't in the database, and I was able to fix that in the GEDCOM and preserve that data.

The other UDF (uncategorized data fields) is still there. You can use the "Change Any Fact Tag" plugin to change that UDF into recognized data that you can then use as you wish. There are folks working on plugins to even try to import source templates, and maybe sentences, I'm not sure about that.

To preserve the witness info.
You need Notepad++ with the ToolBucket plugin to allow for multiline search and replace

Alt+Shift+F for multiline search and replace, run the following two replacements:

search for: "(newline).3 SURN"
replace with: nothing

search for: "2 _SHAR(newline)3 GIVN"
replace with "2 _SHAN"

What you get from RM, that FH doesn't import:
2 _SHAR 
3 GIVN Hannah  
3 SURN Green  

What you have after the Notepad++ changes, which FH will import
2 _SHAN Hannah Green  

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