Re: Anomalous ages appearing after birth date

John Ball

Thank you Lorna; thank you Mike.

Of course! What a plonker I am!

I must say, I've been using FH since its first version way back when, and I must have seen this happen over and over again - whenever I've entered the birth-dates of new individuals before entering their death dates - and I've never queried it before.

Must be a sign of old age!

Thanks again,


PS I've unticked "Ages" in the Customize View menu, as you suggest Lorna. Thanks for that, too.

On 04/07/2021 12:34, colevalleygirl@... wrote:
FH is displaying a calculated current age based on their birth date (just as it displays a calculated date for every other event in their life (where an explicit date isn't provided) if you to to the Facts tab in their Property  Box). 

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