Re: Person edit screen

Mike Tate

I imagine you are talking about the Facts tab of the Property Box of Individual records.


The colons separate the fact Label from its Value for your custom Attributes.

If you check the lower pane for each fact you will see a similar Label with a colon and its Attribute Value.


The facts without colons are either standard Facts (Events and Attributes) or custom Events.


Mike Tate


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Sent: 19 June 2021 20:36
Subject: [family-historian] Person edit screen


I have a question on the edit screen display.

After an import I get varying results in the Person Edit Screen display.

JUN 11, 1959   Childparent: John and Mary
Jul 3, 1956       Medical: suffered a case of pneumonia
1963-1973        Anecdote: Obtained a drivers license
Jun 26 1963     Graduated High School
c Apr 29, 1976  Separation from spouse

What is the meaning of the colons? Some are my custom facts and others are not

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