Re: Name conflict with an existing file

Mike Tate

Different people work in different ways.

Some users copy the Media files directly into the Project’s Media folder, so there is no duplicate elsewhere.

FH also allows Media files to be linked from any location outside the Project, so there is no copy inside the Project. The copy mode is an option and not mandatory.

Those techniques keep the number of Media files to an absolute minimum, and users would not want FH to delete them, especially as I believe they do not even go into the Recycle Bin.

Also, as I said, the same Media file can be linked to more than one Media record, and deleting one record should not delete the file linked to another record.


Yes, FH could give options to delete record only or both record & file, but how would that work when bulk deleting many Media records at once?

Would it be a global option, or would FH ask for each record?

It is worth remembering that the number of scenarios where Media records need deleting are really very rare.

In your case, where I believe the Media record needed renaming, that could be done without deleting the Media record.


Regards, Mike Tate


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Subject: Re: [family-historian] Name conflict with an existing file


Mike and Adrian,


Correct me if my understanding is wrong but when creating the record in FH a copy of the original file, eg, Photo, Birth Certificate goes into the Project file, eg, ‘…\Family Historian Projects\<project>\<project>.fh_data\Media where <project> is your Project name’.


In my situation I end up with two copies, the original source file (eg, Photo, Birth cert.) in a completely separate folder on my PC, the second within FH in the Media folder above … File Explorer shows two files of the same name, one in FH, the other in a separate folder outside of FH.


So when I delete the record in FH I would have expected it, or advised me exactly what I was going to delete and given options, eg, record only, record and file etc., to have deleted the record and the copy of the original document in the Project media folder while I still retain my original source file completely separate from FH.


I’m trying to keep the number of file duplicates not only in FH but other applications to a manageable, less confusing, minimum.


One thing I have learnt early on, stressed to me by others doing geneaology, is to have backups of all one’s precious files.



John Burton.


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Subject: Re: [family-historian] Name conflict with an existing file


For others who may be following this thread, there is a more complete answer in the FHUG Forums.


The reason why FH does not delete the Media file linked to a deleted Media record is it may be a precious file needed for other purposes.

That file may actually be linked to another Media record and the one being deleted is a duplicate.

Also remember, that FH can link to Media files outside the Project folder and thus may be used by other applications.

So FH fails safe and does not delete external files. You would not want the only photo of some special event to be deleted.


Regards, Mike Tate


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