Re: "Citation Specific Details" Box

Miriam Smith

First - many thanks to BillH for his instructions as they were brilliant.  Mike - I have got the "Source Citations" box with the info that i want it to contain but i can't make it small enough to fit in the blank space without losing the important info that i like to see. I don't like it floating as it just gets in the way of the main data.  There is info there i don't really want to see - such as the Source Record ID and how many times it has been used, and also the bit that is grayed out at the bottom.  I know the one which i have screendumped only has 1 citation, but I have some facts which have half a dozen.  Previously it was a doddle to ensure that the most important source was at the top of the list and that was easy to see when clicking through the list.  In the meantime, I've moved it across to that space area and closed it, so that i only have to double click it to open it, but then I still have to close it afterwards as it gets in the way.  Many thanks for the help, Miriam

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