Re: How do I add a donor conceived child?

Jenny Cochrane

Wow, must have been a shock but I'm sure it's more common than you think!

In terms of mapping your family, this is my suggestion. It's not very elegant, but I reckon it works. Might be worth putting in a request to Calico Pie to see if a "donor" flag can be added.

You can have as many sets of parents as you like in FH. Just click on the "parent" icon in the property box and then "add set". So I would add your biological father as an extra parent and link your mother as a "spouse". She will still be the spouse of your de facto father and the donor will appear as an extra spouse,  with an "unmarried" flag and explanatory note.

Then you can add your 1/2 and donor siblings as children of your bio father each with their mother as his "spouse" with appropriate flags. They should then all show up in your tree and your children should be appropriately linked.

Hope that works or somebody can come up with a neater option.


On Monday, 31 May 2021, 06:52:57 BST, Noslien90@... <noslien90@...> wrote:

Hi all - So, a week ago as part of starting my family tree  I learned I was donor conceived, at the ripe old age of 31. Bit of a shock to the system, but the positive is I have even more family to map out. 

Would anyone be able to assist with how this should be entered into FH? I can’t find any help sections on it, and I guess it’s something that probably doesn’t come up much.

I have added my biological father as an ‘unrelated person’ and then added me as a son and changed our relationship to ‘birth’ which seems to work. I’m not quite sure though how to the enter my four other donor conceived half siblings, as well as my biological dads four daughters. The other issue is, when I map the family tree out for my daughter or son, it only shows my mother and defacto father’s tree above them, not the donors family (which is their biological family).

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


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