Re: Unlinked Projects

Mike Tate


What worries me is you say you “moved some fh folders to a different location”.

If you have not moved them all together then it may not be possible to get FH to see your Projects at all.

In that case, you will have to move those some fh folders back where they came from or recover from your backups.


Yes, you click blue 'my documents/family historian projects' link and select ‘Choose Location’.

You must choose the ‘Family Historian Projects’ folder in its new location wherever you moved it to.

That folder must contain the ‘Pam family’ folder and that must contain the 'Pam family.fh_proj’ file and ‘Pam family.fh_data’ folder, which must hold the ‘Pam family.ged’ file and various folders including ‘Media’.


If any of those files and folders are not correctly organised then FH will not recognise your ‘Pam family’ project.

There is an example of the structure in the FHUG Knowledge Base in Understanding Projects.


Let this be a warning. Do NOT reorganise the ‘Family Historian Projects’ folder structure.


Mike Tate

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