Unlinked Projects

James Pam

Stupidly I reorganised my files and moved some fh folders to a different location. Not surprisingly there are are now no projects showing in the Project window.
I have FH7.  Please advise the best way of restoring my projects.
I think I need to click the blue 'my documents/family historian projects'. It then asks me whether I want to 'Choose location' or 'Reset location to installation.
default.'  Do I choose one of these? Is that the route back to sanity?
What files do I need to select? Is it just the gedcom file? If so is it 'Pam family.fh_proj or Pam family.fh_data which has a number of folders and a gedcom - Pam family.ged
I backup my projects to Onedrive and to my computer hard drive. Where should I be pointing my project window too?
Thank you in anticipation.

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