"Citation Specific Details" Box

Miriam Smith

In the previous version of FH, the "Citation Box" on the right side of the property box was made up of two parts.  By clicking once on one of the sources I had used for a fact, I could see other details immediately - such as 'assessment' and 'text from source'.  So if the source was a particular parish register that i had a copy of the page, i would make it a primary assessment and note that i actually had a copy of it.  Or if a census, I would record that as secondary with the census reference number.  However, now i have to double click to open the source, and then click on another tab to see it as there is now only one very long "Citation Box" and I have not been able to work out how to make it show these details easily.  To have to double click and then further click to view data that was previously showing is not really working for me.  How can I force those details to show as on the previous version of FH?  Sorry, but I think I've searched everywhere for this issue, but couldn't find an answer.  Thanks.

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