Re: How do I see the full citation

I’m glad you’ve sorted it.


You may be right, although there are people that lump English BMD. Also, births here were recorded first at the local level and then aggregated at the national level, so there are multiple places we can get certificates too. Perhaps a more important difference is that we have to pay to see the details on a certificate (as a paper or PDF copy), so that perhaps predisposes us to ‘splitting’ them.


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I thank you all very much for your help and patience.  I have now successfully created a custom Source Template, and amended the footnote format therein, and now the footnote looks approximately as I would like it to be, and I think I know how to do further tinkering.


I wonder if part of the problem is that the splitting method for civil registration certificates may work better in England, because BMDs (after 1837) come from the GRO, whereas here in the States, births are recorded at the county level, and then usually at some point aggregated to the state level, so there are multiple places whether the certificate might have come from, not just one.  A birth certificate source for a person that simply records the name and date would be useless (on its own) in the U.S.  


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