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Santa Traugott

I think maybe now the problem is with my definition of terms.  If it is permitted, this is the URL for the page I am trying to document.

You will see that I am trying to cite a particular certificate of birth within a dataset (digitized and accessed on FamilySearch) called Illinois Birth Certificates, 1871-1949.  

It seems to me that the title of the Source Record should be Illinois Birth Certificates 1871-1949.    I may cite this particular source record several times, for several different people. I also want the Source Record to include the information that the records were produced by Cook County Clerk and are now accessible on FamilySearch.   Because those elements don't change, across individuals (who were born in Illinois between 1871 and 1949).

(There might be other Source Records for Birth Certificates, all using the Civil Registration template, but for different collections, e.g, Michigan Birth Certificates 1871-1949.)  

But I also want to describe, in the same citation, which particular record I am talking about and any identifying or reference information that would help in locating it.  So that would be: person, the date of birth, the date of actual  registration of the birth,the place of birth within Illinois, and any further identification information, in this case  a certificate number.  Also the date when this source was accessed.   I think of these items, which change from person to person, as telling others (and me)  where within the source described above,  the individual record can be found.  

It seems to me that in a footnote, especially the first time the record is cited, all of this information should appear.   I could do this in V6, and I can also use generic sourcing to accomplish this in V7.  Minor inconsistencies in the format of citations  is less of a concern to me than getting all this information published  in footnotes with my reports or charts or whatever.

So let me impose on your patience one more time and  just ask the more general question:  How best, within V7, and using templates, to accomplish this?  

And thank you for the help so far.

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Yes, if you make a copy of the Source Template Definition you can change the copy (I suggest you remove the original so that you don’t get confused and use the wrong one). That’s the best option if you’ll want to use the same template in multiple projects.  If you only have a single project, you can modify the standard Source Template Record within the project: use View > Other Record Lists > Source Templates from the menu, and double click on the one you want to change. Yu won’t be able to copy the changes you make this way back to a Source Template Definition though.


To have the Source Template Records always visible, go to Tools > Preferences and choose the Records Window option in the left hand pane. The set Source Templates to Always show.




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I want all of the information that I entered in the Civil Registration Essential Source Template to be displayed in the footnotes.  So far, I can’t make that happen.  The only thing that is displayed in a footnote  is the source title.  I interpreted Mike to say that in order to make the other fields entered in the Source Template display, I would have to change the Source Template definitions.  But it turns out that the Essential Source Template definitions cannot be edited so as to add fields to what is displayed.  Instead, you have to make a copy of the template, and on that copy, you can specify the fields of the Source Template that you want displayed.   


But I am so confused now.

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