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I’m sure that with Mike’s help you will recover your projects. May I suggest that you invest in a USB connected external disk drive, and when everything is back to normal you regularly make a full backup to that, disconnecting it when not otherwise in use. You could also use it to take a copy of all your research now, as is, so that you have a known point to restart from if all goes wrong.


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Thanks. Everything you say makes sense even if unwelcome. 

I thought I had installed the latest version of version 6 when I set up my new laptop but it is saying v6.0 on start up so it looks like I was wrong. Setting up a new laptop is so much easier these days that I have been lulled into a false sense of security and not checked out everything carefully enough. 

We are going away tomorrow for a short break so I think I will leave this problem until we return as set aside a day to work through my options carefully. Unfortunately, I only take a Gedcom only backup regularly and have learned my lesson. But I do have a large number of them over a long period to choose from.

I do understand the media file structure having learned my lesson having screwed that up in the past. 

Thanks again for all your help with this. I will try not to bother you again.

Kind regards,


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Oh dear! It seems you have more corruption than you first thought.



Assuming you are running the latest free upgrade FH v6.2.7 then Snapshots are an integral feature of Projects.

( When you installed FH v6 on your new laptop did you update to that latest free version? )

However, Snapshots are only created when you open a Project and no more than once per day.

It is very strange that none of your Projects have any Snapshot commands.



Your one-name study is no longer being recognised as a Project, but only as a standalone GEDCOM.

The top line of the main FH window says - Family Historian Gedcom - instead of - Family Historian Project – and it is not listed in the Projects Window.

That explains the greyed-out Backup commands that are only available for Projects.


Without a detailed listing of the folders and files inside My Documents\Family Historian Projects\ for your one-name study it is difficult to advise what needs fixing.

Unfortunately, it is tedious to attach screenshots to these Emails because we must wait for an administrator to review them before they are passed on.

However, you are certain that your GEDCOM data is compromised so fixing the files to restore it as a Project is pointless.

Without Snapshots the only option is to use your most recent Backup. Remind me, is that a GEDCOM Only or a Full Backup?


If GEDCOM Only then you will need to create an empty Project into which to restore the GEDCOM backup.

Then you must copy or move all the Media from the broken ‘Project’ Media folder to the new Project Media folder.

Do you know where that Media folder exists inside the Project folder structure?


Mike Tate


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