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Sue Paul

Good Morning

Yesterday, Mike and others offered some valuable advice about how to recover after a memory failure on my laptop. Unfortunately, I am having problems following this advice.

Mike said I could revert to snapshot using the following: File > Backup/Restore > Revert to Snapshot. When I go to File > Backup/Restore there is no Revert to Snapshot option. For my one-name study project, the options are 
  • Small backup
  • Medium backup [greyed out]
  • Full backup [greyed out]
  • Restore Backup
  • Backup Options
For my other two projects all options are available [not greyed out] but still no Revert to Snapshot. 

I searched the Internet and found that I could, alternatively, Revert to Snapshot from the Snapshot Manager accessed from the Project Window.

More worrying, if I go to the Project Window my one-name study project does not appear. Only my other two projects and the sample Project are visible. My one-name study project is stored in My Documents\Family Historian Projects. I am as certain as I can be that it was there before I switched to my new laptop but cannot say with any certainty that it has been there since the move.

If I go to More Tasks in the Project Window, I can see no Snapshot Manager option. I can find nothing about Snapshots in the printed manual I have for version 5. I am running version 6. Are Snapshots only available in version 7?

I only installed Family Historian on my new laptop a few weeks ago and made no changes to the installation setting for backups. I have checked and Autosave is set to every five minutes. I can see nothing about Snapshots. The File Load/Save settings in Preferences for all my projects [including the Sample project] are the same.

I have found the Snapshot files on disk but there is only one for my one-name study project. It is dated 1 Jan 2021. The same Snapshot is the only one I have on my backed up data [on an external drive] from before and after my swap to my new laptop. Snapshots appear to have been taken when I have used my other projects.

I am at a loss at how to proceed. 

  1. Without being able to access Snapshot Manager, I cannot see how I can revert to the one Snapshot I have even if that is the correct thing to do.
  2. Why has my one-name study project disappeared from the Project Window?
Kind regards,


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