Re: All Source Citations Lost for One Project

Lorna Craig

Hi Sue,


Hopefully you are well on your way to sorting things out now, but it would be helpful to understand exactly what went missing.


There’s an important difference between a media file and a media record, so can you confirm exactly what was missing?  A media file is typically (but not necessarily) an image file in JPG format, and if you are using the standard FH project structure these files will be held in the Media folder of your project.  A media record is a type of record within FH which links to one of your media files.


So when you say “Family Historian only has 2301 out of 7544 media files it should hold” do you mean the files have disappeared from the media folder of you project?  Or just that there are no longer any media records in FH corresponding to those files?  I suspect, and hope, you mean the latter because you said they are not showing as broken links which is what would happen if there was a media record without a corresponding media file.  If so, restoring to a recent gedcom backup or a recent snapshot (as Mike suggested) should put things right.  Good luck!




From: Sue Paul
Sent: 18 May 2021 11:08
Subject: Re: [family-historian] All Source Citations Lost for One Project




Thanks. I am grateful for the advice which is just what I was looking for. My primary concern was not making matters worse by trying to recover the situation in the wrong way. 


Incidentally, I do a full back-up to two different external devices weekly. I simply forgot to mention them in my panic. However, from what you say, I should be able to recover with less loss of work.


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