All Source Citations Lost for One Project

Sue Paul

Good morning

I have a technical issue I hope someone can advise on.

Yesterday, whilst using Family Historian, my laptop fell over with a memory issue. The subsequent scan of my laptop found no issues but, this morning, I have noticed two problems:

  1. I have lost all my source citations from the project. I have two other projects and they have not lost their source citations. To avoid panic, I am assuming that it is unlikely that I have lost the source citation data but that the link to them has been lost but, if so, how do I get them back?
  2. I have lost a percentage of my media files [links?]. It appears to be most of the most recently added [just over 3 weeks] but also some added earlier. The media is still on file but they have disappeared completely from Family Historian. They are not showing as broken links. The four media files I added before I noticed the problem are showing the full link [c://.../media/....] rather than the shortened link [media/...]for all the earlier files.
I take a Gedcom file only backup each time I exit Family Historian and still have the last 9. The oldest is from 26 April 2021. I would rather not restore back that far but, if that would cure the two problems, it would not be a disaster. However, I am unsure if that would fix the problems so am reluctant to do it without advice.

As my other two projects are OK, I cannot see that reinstalling Family Historian will help.

I am currently still using version 6 as I am in the middle of a huge tidy-up of my one-name study project. [I intend to upgrade as soon as I have finished.]

Many thanks for simply reading this. Any help you can give will be gratefully received.

Kind regards,


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