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UK kris

In my case I use ancestral sources so I’m auto entering baptism info then if need be I enter just the year (obviously could  be out) in the birth field. 

Kristeen Simpkin

On 17 May 2021, at 5:37 pm, David Nicoll <david_nicoll@...> wrote:

Following Nev’s question on shifting Birth dates to Baptisms…


I’ve been similarly relaxed about storing Baptism dates as birth dates pre-1837 as whether you’re using Family Historian or one of the online systems, that’s the easiest way to get a “birth” date displaying on the screen.


What would be really helpful to know is how to set up FH so that if there is no Birth date stored for an individual but there is a Baptism date for them, diagrams (or reports for that matter) display a Baptism date where the Birth date would normally display, preferebly with the ability to put some text against it like an asterisk so that you can quickly see that it’s Baptism not Birth.


With this facility, at least in FH the temptation to be relaxed on this would go!


I assume that someone has solved this somewhere if someone could point me in the right direction pls!









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