Re: Unmarried couple sentence template

Lorna Craig


When you said the report reads 'were a married couple' did you mean it says 'were an unmarried couple'?  That's what it should say if you have set the Status to 'Never Married'.   I assume, because they are still living, that what you want to change is just the tense, from 'were' to 'is'.  Unfortunately I don't think this can be done.   However it is possible to suppress the sentence completely in some types of report by unticking the report option to 'Auto-generate sentences if Missing Facts'.  However this might not be ideal because it might suppress similar sentences elsewhere which you want to kepp. As explained in the Help files:

"If this option is ticked a sentence will automatically be generated for a couple if there would otherwise be no other sentence connecting them. The sentence generated will depend on the value of the Status field for their marriage. If the status is "Unmarried Couple", the sentence will say that at some point they were an unmarried couple. If the status is "Unknown" or"Never Married", the sentence will say that at some point, they had a relationship. Otherwise it will say that at some point they married.
This setting will also have the effect that a sentence is generated for anyone about whom no facts are recorded. The sentence will say that the person has few details recorded about him or her."


On 15/05/2021 18:45, Don McQuade via wrote:


I am using Version 6. I have an unmarried couple in my tree, which comes out in the report as 'were a married couple'. I want to alter the sentence to say that they 'are an unmarried couple' as they are still alive but I cannot find the sentence template to alter this.

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