Re: Buying FH Version 6

Brian Horridge


Thanks for the information.  My reluctance to upgrade to Ver 7 is primarily because I never like to be the first with any software and, no matter how much beta-testing is done, there are always bugs that appear as soon as it is used for real.  I normally wait till after the 2nd or 3rd bug-fix update.

Again, thanks


On 15/05/2021 10:08, Mike Tate wrote:


FH v7 does have an option in its Export > GEDCOM File… command to choose Destination: Family Historian 6 or earlier.

That allows the GEDCOM file to be understood by FH v6 although there are some residual FH v7 ‘features’.

The Export Gedcom File plugin has a GEDCOM Export Mode: (FH6) Family Historian V6.2 that does a more complete conversion.


You may also have some issues exchanging certain customisation files whose format has changed slightly.


I suspect, sooner or later, you will upgrade to FH v7 but perhaps avoid some of its new features.

However, there are some features that I’m sure you will embrace.


If your friend bought FH v6 now, when you upgraded, your friend would have to fork out for the FH v7 upgrade too.


Mike Tate



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