Re: FH7 Evidence Based (Source-driven Data Entry) Templates



First thanks for the detailed information. Regarding the kindle EE, I canceled the order once I realized it was “print replica”. Amazon has a fair cancellation/return policy for e-books. 

I know of the EE website and have read through many of the “quick lessons” to help clarify this in my own methodology and why I’ve embarked on this endeavor of my family history. However, once I start reading up on the GPS, the evidence-based vs conclusion-based debate, splitters vs lumper and all the rest of it, as an amateur just trying to document some fam-history for those that come after me, (although it just may end up in trash 😀) I came away more confused that it’s worth.
At this point, I’m going with FH7 as-is template wise and attempt to get a source/citation as close as possible to ideal. This is purely a hobby to keep busy in my retirement and if those that follow have to do more in-depth research to find the source , then so be it. In a decade the internet as we know it may not even exist. EE/GPS may be eclipsed by another take on the subject.


Regards, Dennis.
Surnames of interest: Beatley & Evans originating in Great Britain ->> Colonial US New York / Maryland / Virginia

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