Re: FH7 Evidence Based (Source-driven Data Entry) Templates



I think we both need sleep😎. The second citation I was referring to is from Ancestry and not FamilySearch!!!!!
We both didn’t catch it.
For my formatted citation I used the advanced derivative Databases, Online. I’m also going to see what the advanced Documents: Digitized gives me. Both are as is - no modifications.
Regardless, I used the same archive for both. For that rogue ancestry citation, i stumbled across  a resource that allows you to search NY State archives at Ancestry for free although the collections you can search are somewhat limited. NYS has some sort of arrangement with Ancestry to enable this free access.  It was ancestry that generated that second citation. Color me embarrassed for the error. But this does beg the question as to why 2 different online databases would put forth entirely different citations. 

And yes, your equating CP’s breakdown of the citation to the EE ones is correct, at least IMHO. 

Thanks for your thoughts from the resident bonehead. 💀

Regards, Dennis.
Surnames of interest: Beatley & Evans originating in Great Britain ->> Colonial US New York / Maryland / Virginia

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