Re: FH7 Evidence Based (Source-driven Data Entry) Templates


Wow! I think I just opened Pandora’s box here. But getting back to my original question (disclaimer: I’m not a professional genealogist - I’m doing this for my own personal knowledge and enjoyment in my retirement) - I filled out the above referenced "template “ as-is as defined in FH7. No clones, no modifications nada. I was asking if that particular template was suitable for that source or if I should be utilizing another of the EE based advanced templates. Derivative section of the advanced templates. 

I respect all the opinions/debates here but I believe my original query went astray somewhere. Be that as it may, many thanks to all that responded. 

cheers 🍻🍻
Regards, Dennis.
Surnames of interest: Beatley & Evans originating in Great Britain ->> Colonial US New York / Maryland / Virginia

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