Re: FH7 Evidence Based (Source-driven Data Entry) Templates

Curtis Hermann

I modified all the EE style templates for online images by removing the {access date:yesrs} and  adding a new source level field titled {YEARS} where I put in the year(s) I looked/researched at the online source. Not exactly EE style, but must remember EE styles work well in publishing, but not necessarily in genealogy software.

On May 11, 2021, at 4:02 AM, "colevalleygirl@..." <colevalleygirl@...> wrote:

Adrian, I’ve always considered the Access Date as telling people ‘well, it was there when **I** looked at it’, having been burned in the past by vanishing websites and people complaining that my sources were wrong as a result.


From: <> On Behalf Of Adrian Bruce

Personally, I wouldn't put the Year of Access in either. We had a discussion about this in the User Group, IIRC, and some people said that the Access Date was an analogy for the Edition of a book and should appear by that analogy. My own view is that's a misleading analogy because I can go and consult a different edition (sometimes) whereas there is no way that I can consult that collection in anything other than the current year, so the Year of Access is useless data. But if it's in the ESM format, you may want to stick to that! 


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