Re: FH7 Evidence Based (Source-driven Data Entry) Templates

Adrian Bruce

I can't comment on whether that's an optimal choice of template but my comment about what's written is that your bibliography entry goes right to the specific entry, whereas surely the bibliography only needs to specify the collection? Something like:
"New York Records of the State National Guard 1906-1954." database with images. FamilySearch. 2021”
would suffice I would have thought. As it is, it's rather like having a bibliography entry for each page in a book. It may make little difference to you now, but if you have more references to that collection of images....

Personally, I wouldn't put the Year of Access in either. We had a discussion about this in the User Group, IIRC, and some people said that the Access Date was an analogy for the Edition of a book and should appear by that analogy. My own view is that's a misleading analogy because I can go and consult a different edition (sometimes) whereas there is no way that I can consult that collection in anything other than the current year, so the Year of Access is useless data. But if it's in the ESM format, you may want to stick to that! 

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