Re: Media Window Problem

Mike Tate

This is a scenario where screenshots would be invaluable, but attaching them to these Emails requires manual admin review which can delay things.

The FHUG Forum has no such problems with screenshots.


I cannot follow your descriptions and cannot find anything that fails.


The Media Window workspace is opened by clicking the View Media camera icon in the main FH toolbar.

But that does not have a ‘Show Media’ icon.

Do you mean the ‘Open Editor/Player’ ‘Play’ icon of green circle & black triangle?

That is greyed out until an image is selected. It then always displays the selected Media file for me.


In the Property Box, you are talking about the yellow Source Citation List Pane and its ‘Show Media’ toolbar icon.

That opens the floating yellow Citation Window and the ‘Open Editor/Player’ icon of green circle & black triangle always displays my selected Media file.

For me it works regardless of whether a Source Record or Citation-specific Media file.


All I can suggest is to re-install FH v7.0.5 and see if that fixes it. Otherwise, I am baffled.


I presume you have a standard up-to-date Windows PC and have not changed any Media playing tools.


Mike Tate


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