Re: Media Window Problem

Mike Tate


It is of course possible that v7.0.5 has introduced a bug, although unlikely.


Do you mean the Media Window workspace or the Media Tab of another record? I suspect the latter.

I think the image shown in the lower pane may be a thumbnail retrieved from the ThumbCache.dat file.

That may still get shown even when the file itself is unavailable.


Was it exactly the same Media file that opened via the Open in Editor/Player button successfully yesterday?


Use the Tools > External File Links… command and tick Show Broken Links Only.

What does that reveal?


Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Andrew Braid
Sent: 08 May 2021 08:30
Subject: [family-historian] Media Window Problem


I have just upgraded to 7.0.5 When I click on the play icon in the media window I get the error message "The specified file was not found" The file is dislalying in the lower part of the media window so it has been found. I used this function yesterday with 7.0.3 and it worked fine. To the best of my knowledge nothing else has changed. What has happened?

Andrew Braid

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