Re: Print to PDF no longer creates a file

Victor Markham

To save files use Ctrl+C


On 09/04/2020 6:32 am, bill.klecka@... wrote:
Today, I modified one of my charts and went to print it as a PDF file.  The print/save process seemed to work normally, but it never created the PDF file. In addition, it deleted the previous version of that file, which I intentionally wanted to over-write with my changes.  That's not a big loss, except I didn't get the new file.  I tried this several times being careful to check the options to make sure I was doing it the same way I've done it many times in the past.  I even closed the program and rebooted the computer to see if that would fix the problem; it didn't.  I'm using a desktop PC with a lot of memory and the very latest version of Windows 10.  Does anyone know what's going on?

In addition, Family Historian failed to save the changes to the chart I was working on for over an hour.  I used Ctrl+S to save the file after each significant change, but when I reloaded the chart after rebooting the computer, the old version came up!  When I looked in the Charts directory, I could see that file still had the old date from the last time I worked on this chart.  I suspect this failure to save the chart revisions is related to the problem of saving the PDF file, but I can't imagine what is causing this unless FH 6.2.7 is no longer compatible with some recent update to Windows 10.


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