Re: Lumper or Splitter for one name study

Lorna Craig

Like Adrian, I am a splitter for most things but a ‘lumper’ for indexes, where the information is minimal and there are no images involved.  So for the GRO England and Wales indexes I have one source for the births index, one for marriages and one for deaths. (Unlike Adrian I don’t distinguish which website I searched the index on).  The dates and index references go in the citations.


Only when I obtain a more detailed source, usually a certificate, do I create a separate ‘split’ source. An image of the certificate is attached to the split source.




From: Adrian Bruce
Sent: 04 May 2021 16:10
To: Family Historian mailing list
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Lumper or Splitter for one name study


I don't do an ONS but I am an ardent splitter. However, my unscientific gut feeling is that

 - (a) virtually every splitter will actually lump **some** source records;

 - (b) the classic source records that we (including me) lump are BMD **indexes** such as FreeBMD or the GRO online indexes.









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