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Memory map ( sell digital maps. If you hover your cursor over the place whose precise co-ordinates you want, they will be displayed on the screen. Easy! But not necessarily cheap.





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As it is only about a dozen places which are not correctly mapped I would simply geocode them manually.  The simplest way is to click the Drag icon at the right hand end of the map toolbar, to enable manual movement of the markers on the map.    Then drag the incorrect markers to the right place.  Alternatively if you know the correct latitude and longitude coordinates you can enter these directly into the Place record.


Remember to use Tools>Preferences>Map window to ‘Block Refresh for Non-tentative Geocodes’ so that your manually set markers don’t get disrupted by any subsequent auto-geocoding.





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Subject: [family-historian] Still struggling with mapping

.....Its only about a dozen out of nearly 1000 places but it would be great to get it all properly aligned. Is there something I am missing?

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