Re: Still struggling with mapping

Adrian Bruce

On Sat, 1 May 2021 at 07:09, johnfirr via <> wrote:
... However when I look at the map all places window I still have about a dozen places that are showing in the wrong country so for example one entry which is down as : Tramere, Birkenhead, , England and standardised as Tranmere, , Merseyside, England is still showing in Australia....
Are you using the built-in Geocoder? I access this by selecting the place in the Places tab, then clicking the drop down arrow immediately by the side of the Map push-pin icon on the main toolbar. You can then choose "Map location of Tranmere...".  As Lorna indicates, if you have that option set (as you should, in my opinion) AND there is already a Lat & Long set for Tranmere, then nothing will happen if you just choose "Map location of Tranmere..."

What I would do is delete the Lat & Long on the Tranmere place-entry, and then choose "Map location of Tranmere..." It worked when I tried that and remapped correctly.

I know I had some oddities - I had places in Victoria (not Victoria, Australia, just Victoria, because it was pre-1901 and the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia) that I hadn't noticed had been mapped to Victoria in British Columbia. I added a modern "Standardized" for them but still needed to kick the previous values out in order to remap. I suspect that the built-in Geocoder / Mapper for FH has some oddities in the results it gives on the target server, such as Tranmere or Victoria, and a manual kicking for each is possibly the best way forward.


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