Still struggling with mapping


Following a few previous posts I am gradually getting all my mapping sorted out as my place name record set was frankly a mess. I have now spent a couple of weeks doing a very careful tidy up. Everything is now in a four column set up so which I use as "district", "Town", "County", "Country". I always put the place as recorded in place and then as you would look for it today in the standardised box if that is different to the record.

All well and good and it is 99% there now. However when I look at the map all places window I still have about a dozen places that are showing in the wrong country so for example one entry which is down as : Tramere, Birkenhead, , England and standardised as Tranmere, , Merseyside, England is still showing in Australia. I have others which are clearly labelled as England showing in USA.

Its only about a dozen out of nearly 1000 places but it would be great to get it all properly aligned. Is there something I am missing?

John Firr

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