Re: text from source print

Victor Markham

I never re size any image when I add them to FH. When I do a narrative report and save them in RTF then again in Word. These images appear as a small size and I make them larger when in Word format. I load census images on to FH by rotating them so they appear in Word as a portrait format. In word I increase the size to cover the A4 page so the names are readable


On 22/04/2021 6:27 am, Geoffrey Knott wrote:

I don't know if this idea is of any interest, but before attaching an image of any document into FH, I re-size it so that is will fit onto A4 if I ever decide to print it.

On 21/04/2021 17:38, Edward Sneithe via wrote:
I have been using the text from source option in FH 7.0.3 and this is quite useful. Many of my census records are not the best quality so attaching an image is not as useful as I would like. This is a great reference tool. I was trying to get a print of the census record as I entered it but so far I have not been able to get a complete record on a page. I tried landscape and legal size paper but the complete record is not there. It runs off the end of a page.

Any way to get this printed?

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