Re: Problems using Facts page

Mike Tate


There are a great many features in FH, and if you have not explored the Help pages or experimented with the Family Historian Sample Project, then some of them may be something of a mystery. Start with the Help > Quick Start Guide and follow the links at the end to get more advice.


Mostly, the re-ordering commands rely on the Facts having Dates otherwise there is very little to determine their order!


The blue arrow indicates a Shared Fact Witness, which I presume you must have added in TMG.

In this Graduation case, your wife is the Principal person and so her fact has a blue bullet, and you are the Shared Fact Witness.

For both entries, there is a triple-blue-ball icon in the More column to indicate the existence of a Shared Fact Witness.

If you double-click either entry it shows a list of each Shared Fact Witness and their Role.

I hope that explains why this Graduation fact is the only one of your wife’s facts that appear in your Facts tab.


Each Family record holds the relationship between the husband, wife and their children.

It also holds Facts that apply just to the couple such as Engagement, Marriage, Separation, and Divorce.

The Birth event of a Child is not held there but in the Individual record of the child, just like the Birth event of every other Individual.

Does that answer all your questions?




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