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Mike, that was a very thoughtful explanation! Thank you for indulging the lack of education of an obviously beginner level user. 


My comments and answers are inline within your explanation

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Hi Rex,

You are using the correct commands to re-order facts.

The most comprehensive one is Tools > Re-order Out-of-Sequence Data… which should tell you what is being re-ordered and asking for your approval.

Are you sure you are agreeing to the re-ordering being suggested?

Yes, but I sometimes choose the "reorder all" when given the option rather than step through the individual data.


If your Birth event is a standard fact it should never be last because its Normal Time Frame precedes most other facts. I presume it has a Date.

Perhaps it is not a standard Birth event but a custom Birth fact imported from TMG. I can explain how to identify that if necessary.

I feel foolish to admit it, but I had never paid attention to the bullets or arrows preceding the facts and did not know their use or use them. 
By adding a date to an occupation fact, the birth entry (with a date) jumped to the correct place. Now the birth entry and occupation entry 
both have blue bullets, I'm not sure of the prior indicator. I have few entries with dates in my Facts tab, I guess I think my ancestors deserve 
my attention and overlooked my own entries.
With the timeline off, the graduation entry shows with a light blue arrow, which it seems is actually not my graduation, rather it's my wife's - 
which I found by clicking the arrow - which is a new revelation for today!  I did not know that was a navigation button! 
It seems there is quite a lot I don't know!


When new facts are added they initially get appended to the existing facts. It is necessary to use the re-ordering tools every time to put them into order.

Ah-ha! Thanks! 


A few facts, such as Marriage and Divorce, are Family facts held in the Family record opened by clicking the Married bar in the Focus Window.

They appear in both the husband and wife Individual Facts tab with a red bullet as opposed to the blue bullet for Individual facts.

The All tab shows the record contents as required by the GEDCOM specification. The Marriage event cannot appear in an Individual record.

Maybe you were unaware of the distinction between Individual records and Family records.

I know the distinction, but now I better understand it's use. Are there other Family Records? Is a child's birth a family record?


If the Graduation event is a standard event then it will show on the Individual record All tab.

Indeed it does after I've entered my 'own' graduation fact.

Does it have a blue bullet in the Facts tab? Are you sure it is not a custom fact imported from TMG?

The fact I originally asked about has a light blue arrow, and I discovered it is a fact from my wife's profile. However, it's the only fact that shows on my Facts tab 
from my wife's data when Timeline Facts is off. Is that normal? Why would that particular fact from my wife show on my facts tab?


The Timeline Facts for family members are switched on and off by the Show Timeline Facts button in the Facts tab toolbar below the list of Facts.

Timeline Facts have a grey bullet.

Another lesson I've learned (or re-learned) today, thank you!


After you have explored the concepts described above please ask any further questions you may have.


Mike Tate

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