Re: Attaching media to notes

Lorna Craig

I would create a source record for the book.  If you are using 'generic' sources  you will see there are fields in the source record for author and publication details, which are appropriate for a book.  The images can be attached to the source record and the note field of the source can contain any other relevant information.


On 17/04/2021 17:23, James Pam wrote:
I have created a number of jpg's of pages from a book that relates to a relative. What is the best way of importing those images into FH7? I looked to see whether it was possible to create a note with the title of the book but I don't think it is possible to attach media to a note.
I could simply import the seven images into the persons media but before I resort to that I wondered whether others have resolved this in a better way.

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