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John Hanson

You can use the “Rearrange Address and Place Parts” plugin to do that
But you will need to do it before you change any of the others manually

Try it on a copy od the project and ALWAYS make sure that you have a backup first


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Hope its appropriate to jump on this thread with a follow on question.?

I have been using a three column strategy for places so for instance if the Location was say  3 Cook Street, Wesminster, London, England. I would currently enter London, , England as the place and 3 Cook Street, Westminster as the address. This lines everything up nicely but of course means all London based addresses get flagged at one central London place.
So having read this thread and realised that you can add columns I ran a test with a fourth column so that the Place could become Wesminster, London, , England and lo and behold I get more accurate mapping.

The problem is that all of my existing 3 place entries are now not in line ie city remains in column 1 whereas I want it in column 2, County is in Column 2 and I want it in 3 and country is in 3 and I want it in 4. Now I know I can go through and add the requisite commas to all the place names but with over a thousand places this is a hell of a job. Is there an easy way to effectively shift all the existing places one column to the right so they have a leading blank and everything lines up? Hope I have articulated that such that it makes vague sense?

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