Re: Order of Place & Address on Outline report (V6)

Victor Markham

If you use Ancestral Sources you will be abe to add these details


On 12/04/2021 11:17 am, Lesley Lambourne wrote:

Example of my problem with a Descendant Outline report:

Bom 1869, Islington, Middlesex.4'5 Bap 2 Apr 1869, Islington, Middlesex.6 St James, Pentonville. Died 26 Oct 1877, Islington, Middlesex.4'7 14 Hollingsworth Street. Cause: Rheumtaic mitral disease. Buried 1 Nov 1877, Islington, Middlesex. Burial Ground, Finchley.

Having the address after the place is, in my opinion a bit messy (though I'm sure there is a good reason). My question - is it possible to persuade the report to say (for example)  Died 26 Oct 1877, 14 Hollingsworth Street, Islington, Middlesex.4'7The narrative report doesn't include the address information, so the descendant outline appears to be the most useful for creating a readable document for relatives, but it will be very laborious to go through and move the address information

Would upgrading to version 7 sort this out? I'd been hoping to put that off until I've finished my current piece of work ....

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