Re: how to reinstall family historian after a computer crash

David Burgess


I had a problem with Windows recently and had to reinstall from scratch.  I started with FH4 and bought the upgrades as they came out.  I re-installed FH4 and then all the upgrades in turn.  Fortunately I have all the licence keys.  It was easier than installing some of my other software.

I am glad I keep everything backed up on an external hard drive, including email.


David Burgess

On 11/04/2021 11:19, sfpugh@... wrote:
My windows 10 PC crashed recently and couldn't recover and I elected to reinstall windows rather that doing  disk image restore from backup as I don't completely trust the restore process.
I have all my data but need to reinstall FH and I can't find the installer in downloads.

I had FH6 followed by a free upgrade to FH7. I have both the license keys.

I cant see how to download the installers with out paying for them except by downloading the 30 day free trial version.

Should I install the trial version and use the V7 upgrade key.

I couldn't see a way of emailing FH support about this.

David Burgess

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