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Ian Philpot

Hi Mike

Thank you for that - I suspected as much!

One reason for using the "Q" format is because it's much less bulky than the rather awkward "bet July 1867 and Sep 1867". This is useful in designing family trees where space is at a premium, which is usually the case! Secondly, it emphasises the fact that the date is from a registration index and may not represent the actual event date and needs to be updated where and when possible. The phrase "bet July 1867 and Sep 1867" may simply be wrong, but suggests it is correct!

I used to use Peditree, which I gave up on some years ago, but it did export the dates as they were input, including the quarterly format. I use TreeDraw to customise my family trees - and that accepts the quarterly format!

It looks as though I will need to modify the exported gedcom file before import into anything else.

In reply to Victor Markham, I don't use any GRO plug-in as I don't keep all my GRO data in Family Historian, just the dates and registration district when I have nothing more accurate. It appears that wouldn't solve my problem in any case!

Many thanks

Ian Philpot

On 08/04/2021 19:58, Mike Tate wrote:
Welcome Ian,
The FH display of Quarter Dates is just a superficial cosmetic display option.
See Tools > Preferences > General tab, Use quarter date display format.
If that is not ticked then the standard GEDCOM Date Range format is displayed such as "bet Jul 1867 and Sep 1867".
Regardless, of that tick option the actual Project GEDCOM file always uses the Date Range format.
So, any exported GEDCOM will also use that Date Range format.
Any product importing a GEDCOM will expect that format and won't recognize "Q3 1867" and I think that includes FH.
Why do you want the GEDCOM to use the Quarter Date format?

Mike Tate

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